Wednesday, 13 July 2011

End of Term Review

Well done everyone for your commitment and hard work this term. If for some of you, the progress might seem small, just remember that each term is only 10 weeks and it is all down to how much time you spend drawing in between classes that will determine your progress.
But as we discussed on Tuesday, you all have made notable progress and that's the main thing to focus on.

I think you have some good ideas and I hope you develop the confidence to explore those further. I didn't want to post any of your character designs here in case anyone takes them to develop further for themselves.
I suggest you continue with these concepts and work them through. Continue to focus and your figure drawing and these concepts will be all the more powerful for it.

Your work is slowly starting to show signs of maturity. Keep this up. Focus on your figure drawing. If you got chance to do a life drawing class, that may also help your development.

Nice biro sketches.
I think your recent pencil work is your best so far. Your comic panels are coming along nicely - but I think you still need to focus on anatomy especially hands and foreshortening. Looking forward to watching your oil painting progress.


Good effort this term and good progress.
If you can, try to fit in more practise with your figure drawing. Nice work on Week 10's exercise so far.


Good work this term.
As mentioned in class, I think your own ideas produce your strongest work. So I hope you develop confidence to explore more of your own ideas.


Consistently solid work this term, but I think that following the exercises too closely is conflicting with your own natural style.
As I mentioned in class - stay true to the style that is more natural to you, that is a truer extension of yourself and you will make great progress.
You just need to develop focus and discipline to get a decent body of work produced.

...and finally
Here is the completed drawing for this weeks exercise.

As you know I cannot upload the development stages as these are to be published later this year in a book (which I will post details of later).

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