Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I think that went rather well! a bit old school but I am pleased with the results. 

you hide this form me???Wtf, girl? this is good! definitely the start of a breakthrough. 
Lauren, nice work, this is good stuff.

 Eoin, like it. This is good too.

Omar, good work, I will be talking to you about some pieces you've kept hidden from me. They're really good. 

Vanessa , full of aggressive strokes and bloody weirdness! Ace!
 Love it. 

Gavin, good work. 

Are you pleased with it too? 
Richard, good work as always. My camera doesn't do them justice. Maybe I should scan these.
 I just think the guy on the horse needs pulling out a bit with some darker tones, apart from that, epic.

Ann, you are getting really quite and your eye for layout is getting better.

 Tamsin , nice work.

Georgina , good work. Do you think you will find time to finish it for next week? It's looking good. 

So, how did the old school lesson stack up against the digital version?