Thursday, 31 December 2015

September-November 2015 Week10

I really had hoped to get a review of the terms final class posted sooner but work , Christmas, kind of got in the way.
I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and  had a good time.
This is a little late , it's what I meant to post on Christmas eve.
Oh, yeah, and then Lemmy  went to Valhalla.

No tears, it will only rust the metal.

Now onto the review of  September - December 2015
As with the previous terms of 2015, I thought everyone really worked hard and produced some good work.
For some students, it was the first time they had drawn for many , many years, and  was probably like starting all over again but the progress make was very encouraging, which made it a very rewarding experience for myself, helping each student make that progress.

I will post images of the recent tutorials at the end of the blog but first I would like to post examples of the kind of progress I am talking about. 

In No particular order.....

Great output of work from you this term. I like that you work fast and pretty much complete a piece of work each week.
Your composition is getting better and you never seem short of great ideas.
Great stuff!

I think you have a lot to offer. You totally understand lighting and contrast and you have a great imagination.
It was a pleasure having you in my class. 
Keep pushing forward with your work and focus on completing a piece of work before moving onto the next.

Your strength lies in your detailed pattern work. Your figure work will develop in time if you put the practice in.  The way you approach our work makes me think of Sarah Nowell's art. Keep thinking of patterns and how you can apply them to a composition.

You are bust bursting with ideas and your drawing skill is in equal abundance. It has been a pleasure watching you progress. Your portrait painting is amazing. Don't keep it hidden. You have a lot you want to achieve and I believe you will succeed .

Great imagination. Don't be afraid to express it.
Go your own way, follow your own ideas and use tutorials and tips to strengthen your work, for example, anatomy, shading etc but retain your identity in your work.

Well done for staying with the class.  This must have been a big break through for you. Don't be afraid to express your ideas, even if it is just in the privacy of a sketchbook. I think you will find this helpful. Don't hold back just go for it. Express yourself on paper, canvas or whatever.
As some of your work was of a personal nature, and I have not had your consent, I have not posted any. The last three pieces you produced are very good.

I completely understand your frustrations with your art but it will  become less frustrating with time. For now, I recommend that you just keep drawing, just for pleasure. Anything you want to draw, just draw it. Don't throw anything away because I would like to see it , as it will help me to guide you forward.

Wow! You certainly have improved and come out of your shell this term. Well done.
Your figure drawing has improved and also your composition.
Keep this up.


Solid work as always.

You have so many great ideas and  are capable of expressing them through different mediums.
Keep up the good work.

I really enjoyed reading your STEAM ENGINE comic book. 
You always think things through and pay attention to detail.
Really like your life drawing and landscapes produced outside of class. Good work.

Always a pleasure to have you in my class.
This year has seen your work exhibited. It was only a matter of time.
You are quite unique. 
I know December was very hard on you  due to the harsh weather and flooding. I am gutted that the flood claimed your work. 
You are a fighter. You have overcome worse.
You will produce more work which will be  an improvement on what you have lost.
Hang in there.

Here are some of the last few flip chart sketches

Enjoy the holidays!