Friday, 21 November 2014


Continuing on the theme of composition with narative  I produced these thumbnails during the train journey to Leeds. These are just some rough ideas of layouts. I would like you to produce something along these line, with a similar narative.

You can produce this work with any application/technique you feel comfortable with but  I would be interested to see what  develops if you approach it with the same values of contrast as the artists we discussed in class.

Eduardo Risso

Frank Miller

Mike Mignola

Have fun.

Monday, 17 November 2014


Continuing with the compositions with narative thread, I though we could take at look at this panel  we discussed (as part of a full page of comic book art), and  change the format to portrait.

I extended the panel area  in photoshop and roughly sketched  more background, with the addition of the character  perched in the tree.

I do no want the creature in the tree to be instantly noticable , so I applied darker tones  to the top half of the  image, so that the eye is immediatedly drawn to th girl.

I added some gentle highlights to the creature , so that it is not totally lost with the backgound  and is noticable only after observing the girl.

Cross hatching would be a good technique to use here  or line and wash.

Some artists who have great hatching technique...
Sergio Toppi

Adi Granov

Andy Braz

Monday, 10 November 2014


In the past couple of sessions we have been looking at composing images that nave a narrative, while also keeping an eye on the balance of shading.

This exercise was inspired by a sketchbook entry earlier this year
This in it's self was inspired by the classic horror comic book covers of the 70's.
I wanted to create a similar  drawing but with more narrative to it.
Just before class started, I produced some rough sketches

The ideas was to have some kind of fish or reptilian creature rising from the lake and towering over a man fishing in a smal boat, totally oblivious to the present danger.
The initial rough sketches didn't really produce anything I was after. I realisd that I had just reproduced poor imitations of 70's comic cover art and not the image I was after.
I had a few more attempts at creating   a creature that would create the right tone for the image...

 ...but I realised I was producing nothing close to what I wanted. Clearly, I was having an off day. It happens to us all.
I decided on a complete rethink.. I remembered the  giant worm reature in Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong

 and I then realised that this was the kind of creature I wanted for the drawing.
I decided to look at  images of deep see worms

and found what I was looking for

Here are the stages for the drawing

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Anne-Marie, this may be of interest to you.
Have a look at this work by Aubrey Beardsley , if it apeals to you, research him. He has a massive body of work to study.

Research links
Books on amazon:

I have this book

It's ben reprinted a few times with different covers