Monday, 17 November 2014


Continuing with the compositions with narative thread, I though we could take at look at this panel  we discussed (as part of a full page of comic book art), and  change the format to portrait.

I extended the panel area  in photoshop and roughly sketched  more background, with the addition of the character  perched in the tree.

I do no want the creature in the tree to be instantly noticable , so I applied darker tones  to the top half of the  image, so that the eye is immediatedly drawn to th girl.

I added some gentle highlights to the creature , so that it is not totally lost with the backgound  and is noticable only after observing the girl.

Cross hatching would be a good technique to use here  or line and wash.

Some artists who have great hatching technique...
Sergio Toppi

Adi Granov

Andy Braz

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