Monday, 10 November 2014


In the past couple of sessions we have been looking at composing images that nave a narrative, while also keeping an eye on the balance of shading.

This exercise was inspired by a sketchbook entry earlier this year
This in it's self was inspired by the classic horror comic book covers of the 70's.
I wanted to create a similar  drawing but with more narrative to it.
Just before class started, I produced some rough sketches

The ideas was to have some kind of fish or reptilian creature rising from the lake and towering over a man fishing in a smal boat, totally oblivious to the present danger.
The initial rough sketches didn't really produce anything I was after. I realisd that I had just reproduced poor imitations of 70's comic cover art and not the image I was after.
I had a few more attempts at creating   a creature that would create the right tone for the image...

 ...but I realised I was producing nothing close to what I wanted. Clearly, I was having an off day. It happens to us all.
I decided on a complete rethink.. I remembered the  giant worm reature in Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong

 and I then realised that this was the kind of creature I wanted for the drawing.
I decided to look at  images of deep see worms

and found what I was looking for

Here are the stages for the drawing

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