Tuesday, 29 September 2015


“Drawing is the most fundamental and direct artistic activity… because it reflects immediately the impulses of you imagination as your hand responds to them. You can do it with virtually anything that leaves a mark.
Everyone can learn to draw.”
Philip Rawson
Edited from  The Art Of Drawing

Drawing begins with lines. To make the smallest mark, a dot even, you have to drag or twirl your drawing point. Marks and lines are, therefore, records of movements that took time to make and each line is individual and specific. What an artist chooses to do with these marks defines their style.

What is Drawing?
Drawing is communication. It is a language. To understand the communication, you have to be able to read the language  of the marks. The distance between the marks.  The weight of the marks.
The  meaning of  any drawing can only be a combination of what it’s marks can mean to the viewer.
When you  draw, your marks will always mean something to some one else who reads the drawing.

The marks you make  are unique. They are unique to you.

I do not want to hear, “ I wish I could draw”, “I’d love to learn to draw but I’m no good”, “I can’t draw!”

See you in class tonight.

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Monday, 21 September 2015


A new term of fantasy art begins at Swarthmore on Tuesday 29th September.
Swarthmore are taking enrolments.

Swarthmore Education Centre

2 – 7 Woodhouse SquareLeedsWest YorkshireLS3 1AD

0113 243 2210

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Yes, I know, this is long overdue but it couldn't be helped.
Here is a recap of  the final  , tutorial sketch of the term and the final two classes.

Sorry there are no breakdowns for this sketch. I lost all the shots taken during class. However, I plan to draw this properly sometime later this year, and breakdowns will be recorded .
I think the  flip chart tutorials have proved  a success in pushing you guys to work an bit faster and take chances.
I am pleased with the results.


I think the past two terms have  seen some  very positive developments  in all students work.
Very encouraging.

Really pleased you all enjoyed,Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's, Nosferatu.
As with the previous terms film, The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari,  Nosferatu is cram paked with striking and inspiring imagery.
That's German Expressionist film making for you.

For those of you who are interested, I can also recommend other German Expressionist films, such as , Metropolis

The Man Who Laughs

The Hands Of Orlac