Thursday, 23 January 2014


Continuing  from Tuesday I just want to push  loose quick sketching for your preliminary work. Try not to think about creating a perfect line or a perfect drawing, try to focus on the shape, form and movement of your subject. Have a go at putting down some really quick first impression scribble and see what develops. Sometimes an instant gut response captures somethings that a carefully planned drawing doesn't, which is usually raw energy or the beauty of movement. It may take time  for you to loosen up and let go of the fear of messing up. Mess up, it's ok. Experiment and mess up and you will develop.
Have a look at Richard and Annes rough work sometime. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Good class tonight I think. Eoin I like what your are doing Tamsin , Georgina , Richard, Anne, good! Vanessa ,I like what you drew tonight, especially the sketchy skulls . If you want to do your own thing on this one I will be happy with that. However you want to go. Gavin , Russ , Emma , Lauren , have a go at really loose outlines of stuff. 20 seconds, maybe 30 max. Think about the shape and volume but not too much about the lne. Let the line flow and see what happens and bring it in next week. Just try and capture the shape with just a few lines.
Omar, I will catch up with you next week.

The above drawing  is a 20/30 second sketch. I 'm not expecting your quick sketches to turn out like this straight away but in time, they will.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


A good effort tonight from everyone. Well done. Nice to have you back Vanessa. Russell (where ever you are on FB) I am excited to see what develops with you, Lauren, good stuff. Emma , good start, it will only get better. Georgina , you'veimproved  . Gavin , a good start, I'm expecting good results with next weeks exercise. Tamsin Mellor, looking forward to what you make of next weeks project, I think you'll do a god job,. Eoin ,after last terns good results I hope for an even bigger push forward this term. Richard, epic work!

Friday, 3 January 2014


Ok, a day (late but that's artist's for you), here is part 2.
Great entheusiasm, good output of work, putting all the right bits in the right places but,....your drawings all look stumpy. Now, this isn't necessarily a criticism and here's why. 
1. Your work is consistant. I can always recognise your work at a glance. That's good. It means you have a definate style developing. 
2 Everything looks in proportion (albeit  in a dwarf ish kind of way). 
3.If you are not necessarily aiming for  long legged super model frame work in your figure drawing then I don't see a problem. 
However, if you do want to be able to draw a stereotypical hero figure, then I suggest more work is required. We can work on this  when the next term starts.
In general, I think you did good.

This is really good.
And so is this.

I've not seen a great deal of finished work from you this term but that's ok. I noticed your figure work getting better. Sometimes you have off nights and then other times you  shine with some really nice drawing.  I guess a lot depends on where you are at at the time and I guess you can't be expected to be on form every week, so don't be disheartened. I  like what you have started with the Red Riding Hood project. I hope you will be able to find time to finish it.

I can see that your love of architecture made it easy  for to produce some good  back grounds , however, you need to put more concetrated time into your figure work. Having said that,  as this is pretty much  starting from scratch for you, regarding figure work, you did ok for your first term.

Unfortunately the photos  I took of your work are  not really suitable to post here. The pencil work was not bold enough. Not a fault with your drawing, just the limitations of my camers and the lighting of the classroom.
I wa spleases with the progress you made this term, given that you missed a few classes. I think your first attempts at figure drawing are good but it will require some concentrated  time and effort  to make significant improvment. Having  said that, I was pleased with thedevelopment made during class. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I enjoyed reviewing the work of this term. There was some really nice developments. Some of you were more profilic than others so there will be some artists who have more samples of their work posted in this review.
In no particular order:
I ma not going to do a comparison  of last terms work and this terms work, I think it's not so much the drawing ability that has noticeably improved  but rather the concepts. You have produced  quite a body of work exploring some good ideas.
Good work.

As this was your first venture into fantasy art  and also figure drawing, I was very impressed with the speed you progressed in just a short time.
I like the compositions of your own concepts and I hope you will keep up with this. Very good work.

I think I was more impressed with your own ideas and concepts this term as they showed more maturity. Keep progressing your own ideas. 
Good work. 

I appreciate that the company you work for has been pretty demanding this term , resulting in you not being very profilic. Don't worry, these things happen. I would like you to spend some time practicing your figure work.  Random sketches will do and it can be anything you like, so long as it helps develop your figure work.

This is good. I like it.

You've produced a good body of work this term. Some better than others . Well done!
I just wanted to remind you about using solids to pull out the mian points of interest and to give the image layers.
Consider the drawing below and how the figure stands out  to more effect in the image on the right, so you have light, dark, light.

The image below is hands down the best work you produced this term. Very good.

 This review will be continued tomorrow.