Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Jan-March 2016 week 10

So she got some.

Last  night was the final class of the current term.  The class could not have gone better. Everyone produced good work and had a  fun time.
I produce a tutorial to follow each week and recreate it on the flip chart (Katie snagged this one) whic is not compulsory to follow, it is just there for inspiration. The class is more about the development of the individuals interests and ability. 

Andy hit a home run with this one. Really great work Andy


Eoine and Harvey were on a roll last night. Great ideas and execution.

Goth by the delightful Katie

Richard takes a theme a runs with it and always produces something wonderful, with way more ideas that what are in my tutorial, which is exactly what my class is about.

Dragon Of Hope by Oliver
Oliver, you have made significant improvement this term . 
Well done

Vanessa channelling women power.
As would be expected.

Here are the breakdown for the class plus some reference material

The trick to drawing someone playing guitar and making it look convincing is no different from drawing someone wielding an axe. You have to imagine the weight of the item the person is holding and  transfer that weight to their body. Think about how the weight of the item  effects their posture.
For this particular exercise, maybe watch some youtube videos of  guitarist and study their posture.

watch  Paul Simonon (bass player)

Finally, don't forget, a new term of fantasy art begins, Tuesday 19th April 2016.
Swarthmore are taking enrolments now.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Jan-March 2016 week 6, 7 and 8

Here is the finished drawing of  the tutorial inspired by Andy's son's tattoo design request.
This was a nice exercise in arrangement, balance and tonal work.

This is the composition breakdown we discussed in class.

Here are the breakdowns of the last flip chart tutorial.
Plus some reference material

Here are the original screen breakdowns

Here are the flip chart drawing breakdowns