Thursday, 17 April 2014


All the paper is hand made, and varying in texture. Some pages are REALLY rough, and that's what has made drawing in this book so unpredictable and fun. One page in particular was so raggy I just had to draw this......

The paper was so rough that most of the texture and grittiness is due to the maker on the paper surface.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


The moment I saw you drawing Godzilla, I wanted to meddle. I held back to see what you would do. 
At the risk of being over medling I have taken the liberty of giving you some pointers that I hope will improve your drawing and future work.
So, here is where you were at  at the end of class.

Below, I have redifined the solids  in red. I totally see what you were doing in creating stark contrasting  lighting from the flames but it was looking a bit flat and if you remember what I was saying in class about  imagining the shapes and curves of you subject and how light would fall on the curves, it might be  a bit more like this.

here is the revised black version.

Godzilla has a massive tail and I felt that a longer tail would  balance the figure better.

Finally, I revised the  position of the arms. By doing this I have allowed for  more of Godzilla's fins  to be more prominent, which will also create a  more identifiable shape.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


I am really pleased by everyone's progress this term. Everyone was so productive and pushed ahead to new levels.
Excellent work!
So, in no particular order or favouritism, here is a review of your progress this term.
Wow!  you were unstoppable this term.

Good composition. You have  got the lighting spot on.

Nic composition on the two below.

Just great!

So glad you added the darker tones to this piece. It has made all the difference. I hope you will continue to have the confidence to  give your work this extra  lift.

Three examples below show your adventurous spirit in trying something new with new materials. Keep this up.

More completed work from you this term , which is  good as it shows you are deliberating lass and getting on with it. There  are times when deliberation is a good thing (as long as it doesn't grind you to a complete  creative standstill) but when you are trying to develop your confidence, just getting stuff down on paper is the main priority.


The same goes for you as I have just written for Gavin. Get the ideas down first then experiment with the lighting and solids after. Also maybe try some really loose sketches  that you don't feel to worried about  spoiling and practise throwing slabs of solids or tone just to get used to the idea of rendering your work more  3 dimensional


Not as much finished work form you this term but in the work you produced I could you confidence in use of lighting , tone and solids developing in a very positive way. Good work.


A very god first terms work from you. For my money, your animal drawings  are your strong point.  Excellent stuff!  Your figure work was coming along nicely too. Overall, you definitely show a lot of promise.

 When you got down to it you  really worked hard and fast. Figure work is also developing nicely.

Good work!

Not a smuch completed work form you as I had hoped for but yout develpoment is solid.
 If you can focus on finishing some pieces  I think you will find it  rewarding. You have a lot of good ideas , they just need some focus.

I am really pleased with the work you have produced this term. Excellent stuff.


 I think that you definitely have ability , I just think you need to develop your confidence and  just go for it and have fun. Don't measure your  progres and successes by other student's progress.  Don't be afraid to be yourself on paper. I think you have some cool ideas to offer.

Hey, guess what?
I have a new book out soon. you can preoder it here.