Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bernie Wrightson

I was introduced to Bernie Wrightson's work back in the 70's reading SWAMPTHING. I wish I still had those comics. What attracted me to Wrightson's work was the same thing that attracted me to Mike Ploogs work. In my mind they were the masters of the macabre as far as comic books were concerned (I am sure some one out there will want to contest  who was the greatest at horror comics, but I stand by Wrightson).Wrightson's work had a big affect on me, although I don't think it is evident in my work..
But what really blew  me away was his work Frankenstien
You can read about it here
For those who are not aware of his work I thought I would post some plates from this book. I don't have time today to elaborate on the quality of his work , but  just looking at it makes me feel inadequate in my own drawing skills.

you can buy the book here
There are many videos of Wrightson on youtube, so go watch and  learn from the master.

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