Friday, 8 July 2011

Week 9 - Flukeman Haunts Armley Canal

Continuing the theme of using existing environments as backgrounds to place the weird and freaky, this exercise (which is done with coloured paper and 2 markers) uses a stretch of Armley Canal that runs under the iron bridge on Canal Road. There is a really interesting derelict timber structure on the canal bank which has a kind of creepy look about it.

And I thought it would be perfect to use as a back drop for my favourite X-files monster, Flukeman.

This drawing was produced on some blue card/paper using Faber Castell pitt artist brush pens, and ultra marine marker and a cool grey 5 marker and white gouache ( or a pentel correction pen).

Fig 1
Start by plotting the layout. The vanishing point will disappear right off the right hand side of the page.

Fig 2
Start to define the body shape and develop the face. Roughly sketch out the shape of the bushes and begin constructing the building.

Fig 3
Begin to add detail to the skin. The skin is kind of worm/maggot like and saggy in places.

Fig 4
Shade in the areas to be solid black. The shading on the figure is a bit of a cheat as given the position of the moon, the figure would be mostly in shadow, but as the background will have a lot of solid dark areas, the figure will stand out more if it has significant areas of light.

Fig 5
A Faber Castell Pitt artist brush nib pen was used to ink this drawing.

Fig 6
An ultramarine copic marker was used for the sky.

Fig 7
A cool grey 5 copic marker was used for the mid tones. Notice how by applying them to the background helps throw out the flukeman figure while at the same time still keeping some interesting detail in the background.

Fig 8
Permanent white gouache was used to create the highlights. A pentel correction pen will do the job just as well!

Here is the same building drawn by Lolita Zhang, you can find her on my friends list on Facebook. I think her drawing is spookier than mine! She has some other nice building sketches posted on Facebook in her random sketch album - go check them out! (You may have to ask nicely - I'm not sure they are all on public view)

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