Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sept-Dec 2001 week2 - 4th Oct

A good start I think to this term so far.
Mohammed, good progress since last term. Keep it up.
Ok, here are the last few stages of last week class. As you all  seem to have got three quarters of the way through, you will only need  a recap on the finishing stages.

I think most of you have the base layer of pencil down, so apply another darker layer to the inside of the cape to lift the body out from the cape.

and then blend the pencil work using either a blending stump or by wrapping some tissue around your
finger. Avoid rubbing directly with your finger as if there are any traces of grease on your skin it will leave an oily stain than will be difficult to remove.

Create the hair strands but using a sharp HB pencil and swift lines.

Create highlights with an eraser , applying them to the hair, the outer edges of the body suit, the straps, buckles and armour. Use the fine edge of  good quality eraser. I use staedtler plastic erasers or the eraser found on the end of an steadlter pencil often does the job. Alternatively , mould the edge of a putty rubber into a point or flat edge.

Finally go over the drawing applying a fine crisp line with a very sharp HB pencil to tighten the drawing and add definition.

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