Friday, 10 March 2017

SEPT-DEC 2016. WEEK 10:Zombie #1

Continuing with composition , here is the graveyard scene developed in class.
Before producing the final image, always consider the options. 
Thumbails sketches are a great may to explore the vairables in a short space of time.

The rule of thirds does not necessarily need to be applied  but remember, it's a useful guide for composition.

Does the church spire cause conflict with the main point of interest?
What  is your opinion?

Adding solid areas of shadow may help assess the layout better.
By removing the tree, on the far right, has the composition improved?
If so, why?
How about removing the church? 
 Consider a night time scene with a dark sky. How does this change things?
How would you light a night time scene?

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