Friday, 10 March 2017


As I keep mentioning in class,..drawing should be fun. Learning to draw should be fun.
You don't need the best pens and paper you can get your hands on. It's not always about the quality of your pen or the surface you draw on. If you are just having a doodle, you can use any materials.
I am considering  relaunching DRINK  & DRAW again this year. Possibly in April or May.
Drink & DRAW is an event hosted by myself and OK Comics. It's a social event that anyone that likes to draw can  attend. Drinking alcohol is optional.
Paper and pens are provided. Not expensive pens , just cheap ones , and the paper is simply brown wrapping paper. 
The idea is not to be too precious over your drawing but to simply have fun with your friends over a couple of drinks creating doodles. Maybe make new friends too.
Here are some of the sketches I have produced at the event, with either a Sharpie marker or a copic sketch pen or a fiber tip pen.

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