Sunday, 23 June 2013


As I mentioned in class, I am not going to take you all the way through this one, I really want to encourage you to go your own way with this. For those of you who may need help with the tentacles, I am posting some reference material and also some examples of how other artists have drawn them.
Here are some photo references of tentacles that I grabbed from the net.

Here are some artistic renderings.
Here's one, by  Travis Lewis, that I particularly like.
Check out his work  here
There is some really nice work on there. Go check it out.

The way Mike Mignola draws tentacles has always been a favourite of mine.

One of the main things to  remember is to not draw the suckers aligned symmetrically. Study the photos above, notice that they are different sizes and that they are like feelers reaching out in all directions.

Here is my final pencil and ink wash drawing.

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