Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I may update this post with text at a later date but for now I will just throw up these images. You all know what was discussed in class:
" For the next 4 weeks  I  do not want you to get hung up about following my tutorials exactly how I draw them (it might not be right for you) or measuring  your progress by any one elses, just  judge your own progress. The most important thing is to have fun drawing."

Below I have separated the arrangement of tentacles using different colours just so you can follow  the layout easily. Of course, you can create your own layout , which may better serve your drawing..

Below is a close up of the face. I think I have posted enough regarding drawing the face without going into detail here.

Below I have quickly identifies the solids and lighter tones using  photoshop. This is an example only, please feel free to explore other lighting arrangements.

Notice that I have left plenty of light surrounding the figure, so that it is not lost in the background tones.

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