Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I guess I was pushing you all a bit tonight with this one, so here's a recap.
Below are the three thumbnail sketches I produced for discussion.
You will get to decide which route to take for your final piece.
The pose is a difficult one to pull off so maybe breaking it down into shapes will be helpful.
The pose is soft and alluring pose and almost side on with the back and shoulders rounded forward and the head tilted back.

Don't be too concerned with drawing the snakes for now. Concentrate on the pose.

Remember the head drawing session in week 2 and the sessions we do every term? The head is basically broken down into a circle and a cube. Try to keep this in mind when drawing the dead at different angles.

Some of your were having difficulty with the mouth. Keep it simple. Don't over complicate it. Sometimes less is more when  getting to grips with drawing something you are having difficulty with.

Check out some of David Finch's youtube turoials. 
You may find them helpful.

Here's a breakdown of the hand. Remember what was shown in class about how the hand can be broken down onto cylinders and  blocks.

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