Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Good effort tonight everyone. Harvinder, Paul, Eric, good progression, keep it coming.
Remember to keep you eye on the goals you have set yourselves. Some of you have a definite idea of the style and standard you would like to achieve . This will only come with regular practice and focus. Also, try to be consistent with your technique and you will refine the rough edges , resulting in your own identity as an artist.
Here is a recap of tonight's exercise.
When practising figure drawing keep the  initial pencil work /foundations light and loose. You will find that this also helps  capture movement and action.

When defining the muscles , refer back to the diagram on last weeks post.
I often advise to keep to simple flowing shapes when learning to draw hair. Once you develop an eye for what works and what doesn't, you can move on to more complex  variations with success.

The main thing to remember when adding shading to your figure is that the body is made up of all kinds of contours that will be affected by the position of the light source.

When playing around with lighting  with rough sketches I usually produce a handful of small sketches and blast single stroke slabs of light grey using an broad nib of a  marker.  It's quick and immediate and gives you a foundation on which to base your layers of shading round.

I strongly recommend  this magazine (my thanks to Eric for bringing it into class tonight), available in shops now.
It covers a lot of material covered in the last few weeks and  past few terms.
It's part of the Imagine FX series. £14.99 you should be able to pick it up from W H Smiths or Waterstones

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