Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Week 5 - creating backgrounds etc

Ok, so half term is upon us. This will give you a full 2 weeks to finish off your work which you started last week.
Here are some reminders  of what we covered in class.
1. Circles - Often used as a framing device  to draw attention to the main point of focus. Also used for its simple aesthetic properties . Below are examples by Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta and Adi Granov.

2. Curves - Another often used device used in the same way as the circle.

3.Perspective - using perspective takes a lot more thought and planning, but the effects can be worthwhile. Note  that Vallejo's painting above (far left) used perspective. I don't think I need to post any of the work examples here as you all seemed to have nailed it, but if any of you are stuck, let me know and I will post some work examples.

Remember what was discussed about characters.
Try and capture the mode and tone of the character in the pose. If the character spends a lot of time swooping off rooftops etc, try some crouching on the edge of rooftops or athletic/gymnastic leaping,diving  poses. Look at Frazetta's Conan. Although the pose is not dynamic, blood spilling, action (as expected for Conan), this static pose captures  the character so well and  has become iconic. Standing confident, a master of combat and destruction, his job is done, he stands victorious. Notice the use of circles / curve in the background.

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