Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Week 4, 17th May 2011

Good work this everyone.

Gary-figure drawing is improving, keep at it. Lets get some expression into your character drawing for next week.
Mohammed - figure drawing is  improving, keep an eye on proportions etc as I mentioned earlier. Nice work this week.
Richard- definate improvement on last week.  nice costume design. 
Stacey- lovely concept sketches. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together in the final piece.Also, nice Thor!
Keith - Nice concept skecthes. Watch some youtube movies of big cats, leopards in particular.

Hmm, what would Frank do?

Ashley - Good character design. lookng forward to seeing this one completed.
Orazio - Interesting Wonder Woman costume. nice figure drawing
Maritza - Good choice of character. Lets bring her to life next week.

Here's a recap on Alex Ross's reinventions of Marvel icons discussed during class.
First we have Captain America and then Daredevil.

Ok, so Hydra aren't iconic, but I really love the ideas on this Hydra concept sketch.
 Here's the links I promised to post.

Evolution Of A Character - Pinhead

Ten years later: reflecting on "Kingdom Come" with Alex Ross

For those of you who have not yet  visited this site, prepare to get lost for a few enjoyable hours

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