Friday, 20 May 2011

RIP: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Sadly another great artist has left this mortal coil. Jeffrey Catherine Jones died  yesterday after loosing a battle with ill health. I don't think I can add anything that has not already been said.

I became aware of  Jones' work  while following the work of Barry Windsor Smith, in the late 70's and saw the similarities in both artists pencil drawings. I was also drawn to the masculine tones and themes of  Jones' work that I found similar to Frazetta's. Seeing as Smith and Jones shared studio space I guess they must have rubbed off on each other. Maybe Smith was influenced by Jones, I don't really know. I often thought that both were influenced by Frazetta's work. I could be wrong. Either way, both  are Great artists.
If you are not familiar with Jones' work, go check it out now. It will be time well spent.

Frank Frazetta had called Jones "the greatest living painter in the world." For me that's got to be the final word.

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  1. Too bad, ever, lose an artist ... in the case of J. C. Jones, for me it is more because I did not know until today, seeing his blog ... A huge loss, no doubt ... I think Jones was one of the artists closest in style to the great Frank Frazetta ... Greetings ...