Sunday, 26 February 2017


Continuing our look at perspective and layout, the following flip chart sketches , although drawn without any planning, purely spur of the moment, were created to make you think about perspective, layout, ballance and camera angle/point of view (pov).

Clearly all three layouts are using single point perspective but each one has it's own camera angle (point of view) and dynamic.

The forst image uses a high angle , looking down upon the street, showing a lot more of the scene than the other two layouts.
Do you think the layout is alittle unballanced witht he pilot and the alien creature all on the same side?
What would you do to improve it?
Think about eye flow and balance of content.

The second layout is pretty much a straight on , eye level view, showing slightly less scenery and a different ballance of content.

The third layout is a low angle, looking up , with less scenery  and a completely different dynamic.
Do you think this dynamic imporoves the image?

Going back to the rule of thirds grid, discussed in class, lets have a look at how these layouts sit within that format. I have added some loose tone to Identifiy the levels of content.

 How does your eye flow across the image?
What do you notice first?
Does your eye flow from top to bottom , or bottom to top?

.Below are the other two layouts, whith lose tone and how the layout sits within the grid.

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