Tuesday, 14 February 2017


As some of you are interested in the storyboarding process for tv and cinema, I thought I would post some of the storyboards I produced for HUMANS, Season 2.
I had not watched season 1. I saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting, but as usual, work got in the way. Well, not so much got in the way , but more like, I become so engrossed in what I am doing, I forget what is going on outside of the job at hand. I miss  loads of tv and films and gigs  due to this way of working.
Before I was handed the script, I crammed in the first season, to get up to speed with the series. I was then e-mailed the script by the director, Mark Brozel, and we then worked through the script via phone calls. While I was on the phone, I produced these intial breakdowns for a scene.

which eventually transformed into this

Then another phone conversation with Mark , revising the intial breakdowns

leading to this
and then the final draft

 More storyboard work can be found at 

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