Thursday, 7 May 2015


For the first week back ,  I thought it would be good to break you all in by going through a simple exercise than incorporates, figure drawing, architecture,composition,lighting and contrasts.
This is the initial  rough thumbnail sketch

I began by roughly sketching  the layout and getting the balance right.

and then I developed the detail., making sure the anatomy was about right.

Although  this is mostly in silhouette, one of the things that make this work is attention to detail. 
For instance,  noting architectural detail. In the UK we have loads of gothic architectural reference material  surrounding us.  Most major cities have  gothic architecture. All you have to do is raise your head.

Failing that, google images will usually  deliver what you need.
Sometimes, if I remember to take my pocket size sketchbook with me, I do random sketches of anything of interest that I come across.

When drawing bat type wings, whether it be on a human form or a dragon, I refer to the anatomy of  a bat's wings, and then add a bit of creative license.

Once the pencil layout was down, I figured out the lighting and shadows, and then applied the ink.

Arantza Sestayo

On of the artist we discussed this week was Arantza Sestayo

Arantza was born in San Sebastián, Spain. She combines commercial illustration with private commissions, many of which are featured in her book Wicked Kisses published in 2011 by Norma Editorial. 
Arantza is greatly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite painters and the Art Nouveau era in general. Her beautiful and fantastic characters are often romantic but trapped in a dark and gloomy gothic world. 
you can see more of her work here!arantaza-sestayo/c135q

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