Wednesday, 11 March 2015


We were going to do the wolves  drawing this week but I think giving more time on your current pieces is proving to be beneficial.
Here are the cross hatching examples I mentioned in class. 
Ann-Marie, I think your current project may benefit from studying these pieces by Virgil Finlay.
In fact, just study Finlay's work. As much as you can find.

Unfortunately , you will be hard pressed to find easily accessible printed work of Virgil Finlay , as most of it is out of print but  you can find sellers putting their copies on the market on amazon and ebay. Fortunately there are a number of blogs keeping his work readily available on the net, such as this one

Virgil Finlay - The Ship Of Ishtar

Virgil Finlay - The Ship Of Ishtar

Virgil Finlay - The Time Masters

Virgil Finlay - Geminis On Jupiter

Virgil Finlay The Time Tombs

From, The Complete Book Of Space Travel

Ann-Marie, this is the specific image I was talking about. Unfortunately I do not have a high resolution file of this but hopefully you  get what is going on.

Virgil Finlay - A Fog Was Coming

oh, and this one.....

Also check out this masterpiece by Kelley Jones and Gerhard
 see more of  Gerhards work here

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