Friday, 20 February 2015


Just to recap on what we went through in class, here are some pointers on drawing heads and hands

I find it helps to construct the head with a sphere and divide it into quarters. In one of the bottom corners ( depending on which way the head is facing) I roughly plot a sqaure shape. I divide the square into a halves, horizontally, and then the bottom half into half again, horizontally. This gives me a rough idea of whee to place the nose and mouth. I'm generally not too rigid about the dividing process, as it is only a guide.

 Here's another example.
When drawing a front view I divide the width of the face into 5 roughly equal spaces to plat the position of the eyes so that they are not too far apart or too close together.
Of course, some faces have eyes that are close together, in which case, draw them close together.


I learned to draw hands by hinking of the palm as a square shape and th digits , each comprising of three cylinder shapes, except the thumb, which is made up of two, attached to the palm by a triangular shape

I still use this method when I have to draw a tricky hand pose.

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