Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Apologies for the lateness of this post. Work commitments and health issues kind of got in the way of things.
Before I list  a recap of  the new project ,  I would like to remind you of  the phenomenal talent of  Esad Ribic.  

For me, Ribic's work has always had a kind of Frazetta vibe about it. His style is completely different to Frazetta's. Both are unique but both carry the same kind of energy. Both are very physical. Both employ beautiful colour schemes. I won't claim to be all knowledgeable about the artist.  I know nothing about him other than he is  Croatian  what you can read via the links below, and that when I have spoken to him at Thought Bubble, he comes across as a really nice, sincere bloke. I had the pleasure in watching  him paint Loki  on Saturday. Incredible. 

Check out more of his work here:

Also got to catch up with Peter Doherty and be introduced to Simone Lia

Ok, here's a brief recap of the last class.
Before we can progress on to the main drawing you meed to familiarise your self with the shape and structure of the wolf's head. 

Just like drawing the human head, it can be broken down into simple, basic shapes.

Here is a detail of the rough sketch

Almost forgot,... Dave this is for you.
Keep an eye on your horizon line and the placing of feet etc.

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