Friday, 2 March 2012


In this blog I will briefly recap  the exercise for week 5 and 6 and offer a few finishing tips, although
I am hoping that you can still remember the demos I gave you during class.
This exercise came about by a need to re address the image on the poster/flyer promoting the course.
I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the poster art, but I was considering giving it a revamp with a better drawing.
Normally before commencing a drawing I produce a thumbnail but as the figure pose was already determined I figured I could go straight to the final drawing....
and this was my first response which I think is  stiff and wooden. I just don't like it.
The Mistake I made was to take an image that worked as a graphic device  and tried to produce a more realistic version but I overlooked a couple of things. The way the wings make a kind of halo shape around the head, which was a deliberate Christian iconography  reference to create an ambiguous, "is she good is she evil?", image  works fine as a graphic device, but cannot be recreated in a more realistic  rendering when following rules of anatomy.  Also, as a simple  graphic it has properties that service a poster more successfully than a more realistic image would.
So, as I was not happy with my initial response I produced a thumbnail.
Straight away I knew this should have been my first step.
Most of you seem to have, for the most part, nailed this one during the time we had in class, but I realise time was short and it was not possible to fully  complete this exercise, so here are some finishing tips .
When drawing the face, remember to keep the features and  lighting simple. Even though the rendering is more realistic in this drawing, the eyes are simplified using areas of solid and reducing the amount of  detail. The lighting/shading is soft.
Remember demo I gave regarding hair and  lighting? The highest point of the curve  in the hair is the area that will be hit by the light and therefore have a sheen to it.The area that is folding back in on it's self will the furthest  or hidden from the light therefore will be in shadow or without highlight.

Remember how I created the subtle skin tones by  using the flat of the pencil and building the three areas of tone by layering?

The same method was used for rendering the wings and using an eraser to create highlights where necessary.

Finally , I went over the drawing adding  crisp line work to any areas that needed redefining.

Below is the final image

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