Monday, 5 March 2012


As those of you who attend my class will know, I regularly advocate the watching other artists working whether amateur or professional. Attend comic cons, watch artists draw quick con sketches, attend workshops  held by professionals and watch youtube videos. The internet is a wonderful place to find great tutorials and footage of artists at work. 
I am not a great  follower or collector of David Finch's printed work, which is kind of strange as I really like his art is awesome. I will link some good examples of his art for those  new to his work at the end of this post.
When Jim Lee drew Batman for Jeph Leob's Hush, I thought, wow! this is as good as it gets, no one will draw a Batman comic better than this. Well, when David Finch took over Batman duties in 2010's Batman:The Dark Knight, I  reconsidered my original opinion. I am not going debate who is the better artist Lee or Finch, because I think it would be pointless, but I will put it this way, I think  Lee's Batman is a 15 certificate ,while Finch's is an 18. It just looks  darker and grittier. 
Ok, enough waffle! Here is the real reason for the post. Check out Finch at work on youtube.
This clip is almost identical to the tutorial I gave  in my class.

Here's another good one.

There are loads more clips on youtube worth watching. I hope you will find this clips of interest and that they will have inspired you in some way.

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