Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Wow! Where did the time go tonight? So much to cram into 2 hours and I didn't even get to show any Frazetta! So to make  amends,...
Regulars will know that I reference  Frank Frazetta a lot in my class and for good reason, study any of frazetta's work whether it but a full blown oil painting for a book cover of one of his rough doodles and you will learn a lot about the human form and how it moves in action. I was a fan of  Frazetta's work as a teenager and the energy in his paintings inspired me a great deal.
Here are a collection of images that capture that energy.

The above perfectly illustrates the theme of this weeks class. The human form and how it moves in dynamic action. Remember what I was saying about filling a page of rough loose sketches, the looser the better to capture  the flow of movement and action. Keep practising this loose figure drawing until it becomes second nature.

In my opinion ,  you can do no wrong in studying Frazetta's work.
More on Frazetta  and figure drawing posted here
Recommended reading
Frank Frazetta: Rough Work 


Before you can  attempt to pull off (successfully) any of the cool stuff pictured above, a bit of background work on anatomy and focussed sessions on figure drawing is essential.
I know that this may seem tedious at first and not very exciting, but without familiarising yourself with how the human body works, the cool stuff isn't going to look all that cool. 
Have a look at Orazio's work in next weeks class. Orazio has made great progress over the past few terms. That progress did not come about without putting in the time practising.

Familiarise yourself with the human skeleton and simplify the information to a basic stick frame. The stick frame is ideal for establishing a pose quickly.
practice loosely sketching quick poses to capture movement.
The dynamic of most poses can be simplified by a simple stroke.

The stick frame in the pic above formed the foundation of the image on the right.

Here is a similar pose by Frazetta. Notice how the head is in line with the feet. The pose is balanced and centered.

Remember what I was saying about paying attention to how the body works? If you are not sure about a pose, try throwing the pose with your own body to get a feel for balance and weight. Get someone to pose and take a photo. These are some of the methods  used by professionals.

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