Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WEEK 9 - 29th November

Here are some pics of the last stages of the Pirate drawing to help you finish  off before next week, which is the final week of the course for 2011, in case any of you have forgotten.
Remember how I built the skin texture with layers of shading and scribbling?

Check out the skin detail on the photos below. Also study the layout of the suction cups.

Here are some pics of Jack Sparrow for those of you who need some more visual reference to finish the clothing.

The mist effect around the skulls was created using  an eraser.

Don't forget to bring a black inking pen, a dark blue marker and a highlighter or correction pen for the final exercise.
 Here those links to the art material suppliers that I use.

Nice composition on this piece by Richard.

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