Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Here's a brief recap of this weeks class. I am not going to retrace every step as I know most of you have made good progress. This is just in case you need to refer to the last stage before we finish this exercise next week.

As I mentioned  in class  I prefer imagery that leaves  more to the imagination rather than trying to explain everything in detail and take away any mystery  of the unknown.  Sometimes less is more.
 Don't forget to practice thumbnail sketching before embarking on a major piece of art. It saves you a lot of time  and waste of materials if you can get used to exploring various options  and layouts  before getting stuck in to your final piece.

Here's my thumbnail sketch...
...and here is the finished piece.
  ...and here is where we got up to this week.

Best way to start this one is to draw a faint vertical , central dividing line to balance you layout around. Everything is roughly central.Sketch out your figure and try  to capture some attitude in the pose. Pay attention to proportions, watch the size of the head. The tentacles are used as a framing device for the figure.. Try to create nice flowing curves. For the skulls at the bottom, make a random pile, try not to make them look too symmetrical.

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