Sunday, 12 June 2011

Witching Hour

I've mentioned my appreciation of the art of DC's Witching Hour in an earlier blog, but I thought it was worth going into a bit more depth (but I'll keep it short so as not to be to long winded)as  they really  do showcase some good artwork.
I read these back in the early 70's. I was drawn to the solid layout and bold illustrations on the cover.
Pictured below are a few of my favorites, all drawn by Nick Cardy. Unfortunately Nick's artwork only appears on the covers. Mostly the interiors are a collection of short stories drawn by different artists such as Lee Elias, George Tuska, Pat Boyette and Edited by Dick Giordano, who most may remember as artist for  DC's titles such as Batman, Superman, and working with Neil Adams in the 70's and 80's.Neil Adams drew some covers and interiors (#10 in particular is very good)  , but  it is Cardy's that stand out  in my opinion.
Unless you want to fork out the usual high prices for  ealry editions of this title, you can get hold of the black and white  paperback collections in DC's Showcase series.
The main reason for showing these covers and interiors is so you can study the composition, lighting and bold ink work. Notice on the opening to What Evil Haunts This House?, how the trees frame the mansion in the back ground, and Alex Toth's punchy art on Welcome To The Witching Wagon. Toth drew most of the intros to the early issues (and possibly the later ones, but I don't have any that I can check up on and the internet isn't abundant with artist info regarding this great DC title. As Always, the covers are excellent , with striking illustration drawing you in. Always using lamps of some kind to draw you attention to the center piece and highlight the danger lurking in the shadows.  Classic stuff! Enjoy.

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