Thursday, 23 June 2011

Week 7 -sci fi quickie

This  post is a little late , sorry about this. This exercise was especially for Orazio, and his love of  retro sci fi, with the subject being  Gay Ellis (Gabrielle Drake) of UFO.

This is another exercise on coloured paper (A4 , in this case) with spot colour. The  drawing should only take about an hour tops.
1. roughly plot out the positions of the figure.

2. Plot the face using the guidelines discussed in class.
The clothing is also loosely  outlined at this stage.

3.The clothing detail is really simple, just a  collection of horizontal lines. Best not to be too painstakingly accurate just quickly sketch them in. Shading has also been added to mark out the areas for solid black

4. A Faber- Castell Pittl artist pen brush nib was used for the inking.
A copic  V09 (VIOLET) marker was used for the hair and lips.
A cool gery 3 was used for the lines on her clothing

Finally, and this is purely down to personal taste, a white outline was used to throw the figure out from the black background

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