Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fantasy Art Class Week 6 1st March

Very impressed with everyone's work this week.
This exercise seemed to coax the best out of you. For those of you who missed it and for those of you who want to have another crack at it here is a breakdown of the exercise from pencil to ink to highlights. The purpose of this exercise  is to produce a finished piece relatively quickly using just spot colour on coloured paper. You will need black and blue markers and a pentel highlighter/correction pen.

These pencil stages are shown on white so that the tutorial is easy to follow.
Loosely plot the layout, notice the way the body of the faun works with the curve and flow of the tree.

When the pencil work is done and you are happy with the layout, finish off the drawing with a marker or ink pen. I used a fabre castell brush nib ink pen. I used a tria reflex blue marker and a pentel correction pen for the highlights. Here is another version on different coloured paper, using a black marker, an old pantone marker  032 (now discontinued) but a copic basic red marker will do fine, a neutral grey  copic marker and a pentel correction pen.

Here I have used a grey marker to make a softer blend between solid black and lighter tones.

Finally add highlights using a correction pen or gouache or whatever.

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