Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Here are the breakdowns for the drop in calss last week. 
You will recall that the finished drawing is on green paper as an exercise in producing colour images with limited materials. In this case, a sheet of green paper, a Faber-Castell superfine pen, a Copic Caio, (it doesn't have to be those brands though) a red pencil and a white pencil.
I drew the rough working sketch on white paper and then traced it onto the green paper.
The black and white ink pics are just for clarity.

I used a Copic Ciao brush nib to block in the solids

I used a Faber-Castell Super Fine for the finer detail

To create the illusion of separation form the paper colour, I used a red pencil. I used a Faber-Castell coloured pencil, but any brand will do.

A white crayon pencil was used to create the highlights. White gouache or ink , will provide the same effect, use which ever you prefer.

A Copic warm grey 5 was used to give additional tone
And , finally, white crayon pencil for the smoke

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