Wednesday, 6 July 2016

April - May 2016 - part 1

Due to me moving house and a  heavy load of work, I fell behind with weekly blog posts. I do apologise but it couldn't be helped.
Also, I appear to have mislaid  the flash drive with all this terms reference material, artsit samples and tutorials on it.
So, my plan is this,... I will recap  as best I can, the tutorials , the samples of artist's work  and also samples of your work that I  thought represented either a breakthrough  in your development, or that I thought was outstanding.

To begin with in this first post, I will as much material form the tutorial that I still have on my camera. Some tutorials I  think I gave to Andrew  and I no longer have  record of them. 
Andrew, if you have time to photograph them and e-mail the shots to   that would be very helpful. If not , no worries.

Week 1
In week 1, we looked at anatomy and flow of movement.
In this exercise, we also looked at lighting and the use of solids.
Would the drawing benefit from being able to see the creature's face, 
or, does the fact that we are unable to see her face add more interest to the drawing?
How would you shade the drawing? Where would you place solids, if any?

Week 2
 In week 2, we looked at various style of fantasy art, by artist working in all kinds of media.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 7
Here we looked more closely at figure drawing, shapes and sizes

Week 8 

Week 10

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