Wednesday, 25 November 2015

September-November 2015 Week8 part 1

This week we looked at creating fantasy art,...and well, just creating. The process of creating from imagination. How to use one's imagination.
I know this is daunting when approached for the first time but it's a necessary process to engage with. We imagine things. We do it every day.
All the tutorials used in class have imagery that you could imagine yourself.
As I revealed in class, some of the imagery is not that outlandish, it's just the execution and composition that hoodwinked you.
The important thing to remember is to loose the fear of experimentation with drawing. The fear of failure. The fear of it not being as good as that artist in the book you like. If we all thought like this, nobody would be creating anything.

Lose the fear and over expectation and have fun.

Some good work this week.

by Andy
Nice composition and lighting.
Nice use of perspective

by Amaya 
Nice imagery coming from you, Amaya. Please try to finish some of your work if possible. It will be worth your while.
Good work

by Aimee

This is probably your best work so far. Keep it up.

I will post and review more work later in the week.

My doodle. No plan, I just let it flow out to see what happened.

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