Saturday, 17 October 2015

#inktober day 16 and 17

I fell behind with my posting but the drawing was done and posted on social media
Day 16

Day 17
Paul Gray

Ok, this one is a bit weird. I totally LOVE Slipknot but I don’t identify with Paul Gray as a person. I think it’s because  I  haven’t connected with him as an artist. I connect with Slipknot. He was part of the slipknot I connected with.
I think it’s sad that anyone should die so young when they have so much to offer.
Rock  'n' Roll is  DEAD!

This is not my best entry.
I am feeling a bit wack, today. No, I am very wack, today.
I am so wack, it’s a  miracle I made an #inktober entry at all.

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