Saturday, 13 September 2014


Here it is, the  long over due , end of term post!
 I am very impressed by everyone's efforts during the last term. Some really good  breakthroughs. Well done. All of you.
In no particular order, here  are my thoughts.
You produced a good number of finished pieces this term. Well done. Also, as I have mentioned before, I think your strongest work has been your own compositions and concepts. I hope you will bring more of your own ideas to class  to follow through.  It's definitely one of your strengths.

I was a bit concerned  with regards to your progress. It lookd like you were  going through some sort of conflict but then you puled this out of the hat. Excellent work. Definitely one of your best pieces.

I also thought this as being a breakthrough with regards
to figure drawing.

Yes, it may have ben slow going finding your way but then surely this breakthrough was worth the wait?

Your hatching work is improving and also your use of solids. Good work.
I would like to see you develop your hatching technique. Have a look at Virgil Finlay's work.  Notice the tonal range he creates with various hatching and stippling. Also, check out Kelley Jones' work Jones is a fan of Virgil Finlay and you can tell  by his use of hatching and composition. I will post examples of their work in the next blog post.

Great work as always. You have some great ideas, keep throwing them out there. Your composition is getting stronger too.

I know attending class has difficult  due to your work but when you have attended, you have produced some stirling work.  I am a fan.

Great work as usual. I am going to give you a  few additional exercises next term to help you with  parts of anatomy that I know you want to improve upon. Also, I thought of a cool project for you to work on. I will reveal  this in class.

I will also be giving you some additional figure work exercises to push that forward in your work.
Good effort this term.

You prduced some good work  but I  wish you had been able to finish more of it. I will be pushing you for this next term.
I would like to give you a project to work on next term if you are attending.

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