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During week 3 and 4 , we discussed  layout, lighting and composition.For those who missed it and for those who want a recap, I will go through the main points again and also add links to sites I think will be helpful.

When considering the layout of a drawing or sketch it is sometimes helpful to divide the page up into quarters or thirds, using faint lines
 This can help the artist determine the  overall ballance of the content and light and dark.
Using the grid method is also related to the "Rule Of Odds" I have mentioned a few times in class. More about the Rule Of Odds below. If I apply a grid to anything, I do not strictly follow the Rule Of Odds  but use it as a quick way of determining the ballance of  content.

 I have applied this method to two images below The first being Frank Frazetta's iconic Conan painting and a comic book cover by Tom Sutton. Notice how they fit the grid and how the main content also forms a triangular shape. The triagular shape when applied to composition is referred to as the "golden triangle"
Conan by Frank Frazetta

Ghostly Tales cover by Tom Sutton

The, Rule Of Odds (also known as  The Rule Of Thirds), is a method of composition that enables an illustrator or  photographer to compose an image that is visually dynamic and  pleasing to the eye.
Compositions using an odd umber of elements  often make for  a more dynamic images. The Rule Of Odds is used in advertising as a selling tool. Generally we are more stimulated by odd numbers of  things as opposed to even numbers.
There are many variations and examples of layout relating to this rule but as I did not invent this rule (I was taught it when I worked in advertsing) rather than compile a lengthy blog explaining it in depth, I thought I would include some links to sites and blogs that I think explain it simpler that I probably would. which will leave me room for more content relating to the past weeks work.



and this one

Notice how the Poseidon sketch drawn in class falls within the grid
 I will post a rough breakdown of this sketch sometime this week.

Here are some other examples of how the Rule Of Odds has produced  some memorable art.
 Mike Mignola - Creepy. 
Also notice the separation of black and white, just a simple cloud of mist in the background frames the trio and makes them clearly visible and the main point of interest.

 Frank Frazetta
Notice the girl in the center is the talest element, which , flanked by  the caps either side of her , creates the "golden triangle"

Another Frazetta composition but with an even number of elements. Frazetta uses the colour of  the panther and the chimpanzee and the poses to create a visual of one element. There are four elements but for an instant you only notice three shapes. Very clever.

Another by Frazetta. Here there are odd munbers, Five main elements (there are more smaller ones in the background but they are, basically, background)
Notice the shape and flow of the composition. Can you see it?
To be continued.....

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