Sunday, 16 March 2014

JANUARY-MARCH 2014:WEEK 5, 6, 7 & 8

Due to moving house and studio, it has been difficult to write blog posts to recap on each class, so this particular post will cover weeks 5-6.

Since week 4, when  I reverted back to drawing on a flip chart (see pic above),  I have noticed you all be more productive, producing more completed work, taking chances , working faster and being less overly concerned with being 100% accurate with the initial putdown and then refining the work as you went along once the layout was established. This is a good development and in my opinion has improved your work. There is a time and place for being meticulous  but for the weekly exercises where  the objective is to nail the layout, establish the lights and solids and then produce a finished scene, just to work fast and loose will be enough to enable you to achieve all on these in 2 hours. . You can always produce a more finished, detail version at a later stage.

The sketches above are not partucularly mind blowing but  acieve an acceptable level of figure work,composition and contast in a very short space of time.

 The sketch below was going to be Batman but  at the request of Anne and Richards it changed to a gargoyle. Unfortunately I had already drawn the cape  but it was good enough to follow.
This only took a few minutes which left plenty of time to follow with a Batman sketch . I chose to use te same pose rather than change direction so it was easier to follow.

After Vanessa posted this pic on Facebook and I noticed how many "likes" it received, I decided to use it for the next class.

The images works fine as a photograph idea for Facebook but it's not all that great to copy for a drawing as the angle is not very exciting.
If colour were to be added, it may look something like this (I've very crudely thrown some colour on in photshop)

I saw one of Vanessa's WIP drawings on Facebook today. I was most impressed and thought it worthy of posting.
Vanessa, please finish this, it looks great so far.
To prepare you for next class, if you have time, have a go at doing some loose sketches of horses.

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