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Welcome of the end of term review part 2
This post will feature reviews of the following students work (in no particular order): Rebekah, Rosie and Jake.

Ok, next up we have
I hope you made notes and can remember that moment when the penny dropped  regarding the foundations of figure drawing. If not we can recap next term. If you can find time to just have some fun with loose figure sketches, whether it be for one of your projects or for simply exploring  where you go with it, I think you  will find it helpful.
 Above we have development sketches by Claire Wendling
and below, by Frank Frazetta, . If it's good enough for the pros,....

I can see where this idea is going but remember what we discussed in class about observations of anatomy and how it works.

This piece (below)  I really like....
and I was pleasantly surprised by your response to the final tutorial (shown below) . I am really pleased with how this is developing.

I think you have moments when it all fits together so well and it would be great to see that become a more consistent with future work.

 I like how you are exploring perspective and other angles as opposed to straight ahead, eye level p.o.v.

Keep working on your facials, they are getting better.

I really like where you are going with this. Nice work. The top sketch is my personal favourite. It is a good character study.

...and, yes! more of this! keep this going.

I think you made good progress this term. Breaking out of your comfort zone of drawing small and compact will  enable you to produce work with a higher level of detail.
Below is a recap of the feedback on the wolf project.
 Looking good, but the outline of the cape needed adjusting. Notice where it ends at the shoulders and then reappears  below the waist. Little details will make your work stronger.
Also you will notice the inside of the cape has been shaded to throw out the shape of the figure.
I have also created some tonal definition on the figure around the head. This is optional but whether you keep the head dark or a mix of tonal ranges, make sure that there is clarity.
 I wasn't sure whether this character was wearing tartan trousers or fishnet stockings. I went with fishnet stockings as it  looked like  it was where you where going with this. 
 To make anything you draw look convincing and like what it is meant to represent you have to have some knowledge of what it is you are drawing. If you are drawing something that you are unfamiliar with, go  and research some reference. Google images gets  most artists out of a fix but printed material is also excellent too.
If you are drawing lingerie there are  plenty of places you can look that are safe from stronger adult material. Most high street stores such as Debenhams, Anne Summers etc.  have websites that will have plenty of reference.

  Good work, Jake. 

Style and application inspiration.
Study other artist's work  that you feel inspired by. It may encourage you to try other  materials and applications.

Below are some really nice pen and ink drawings by Adi Granov. Believe it or not, these are A5 drawings!

Nice hatching from Esad Ribic

 and Claire Wendling

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