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WEEK6 29TH MAY 2011

For those of you who need a reminder here are some of the main points of the main points of the last class .
We continued looking at the placement of shadows and lighting. It's important that you practice this type of exercise as often as you can so that you become more familiar with shadows cast by your chosen light source. Remember what was discussed about contours and how they create shadows, parts of the features in the face will be hidden from the direct line of light, for example, light from above will create shadows under the eyebrows, nose, upper lip and chin, while light from below will cast shadow on the recess of the che upper chin, the lower lip, above the upper lip, the bridge of the nose and parts of the forehead.
Here are some examples from the last class.

Light source from above

Light source  from below

Light source directly in front, from the right.

Here is as far as we got plotting the Dragon/Battle exercise.

To finish this exercise, consider your light source and shadow content.

When  designing your creatures and characters you can look for inspiration  in the ever reliable  Google images but also check out books too as they can often contain imagery not found on the internet.
Even the most outlandish imagery will have a starting point probably based on something real and less bizarre. 

Studying how real clothing is fitted or how real weaponry works (or anything for that matter) will give you the foundations to build your wildest imaginations upon
found this on the internet, no artist credited.

art by Adi Granov

Don't forget, your character going into battle does not have to human,.... think fantasy!

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