Friday, 3 December 2010

September-December Week 8 30/10/10

Exercise 4 Pt 2

Step 8
Once the basic line work for the drawing has been created, it is a good idea to review the work in order to make any last minute changes. At this stage the Faun’s horns have been reconsidered and mystical chart diagrams have been added for interest. The charts are loosely based in magic circle and astrology charts but with a bit of artistic license thrown in.

Step 9
The main light source for this drawing will come from below so everything towards the top will be dark and the highlights will appear on the lower parts of the figures. Before the background shading is created, the lighting for the main figures will be established.

Step 10
Once the light source has been established, the background tones can be applied.

Step 11
Some mid range tones have now been added by gently shading in and around the white areas and blending into the darker areas.

Step 12
Darker areas are now strengthened by adding an extra layer and also some harder lines for definition.

Step 13
A stronger, crisp hard line has been added to the outline of both characters to help define their shape against the various tones of shading.

Step 14
Strengthen the line work using the magic charts by carefully running a pencil over the top. Make sure the point is sharp. A HB should be adequate for this part.

Step 15
Add highlights by using a fine edged eraser and carefully erasing areas where the light would fall.

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